The Canine Leishmaniasis Working Group (CLWG) has been established with the aim of obtaining a rational and homogeneous approach to the canine patient with clinical leishmaniasis. Canine leishmaniasis is a systemic chronic disease caused by Leishmania infantum, transmitted by vectors (phlebotomine), which is endemic in the Mediterranean basin. The dog represents the main reservoir of the infection. The parasite is inducing a strong immunity response, which is the cause of organ injuries found in the diseased dogs.


ECUPHAR is a multinational pharmaceutical veterinary corporation who develops and distributes medicinal products and vaccines and daily works with the Veterinarians.
In July 2017 Ecuphar merged with Animalcare and Animalcare Group Ltd was born. Animalcare Group Ltd is listed to the AIM of the London Stock Exchange, has subsidiaries in 7 European countries and has been supplied in more than 50 countries worldwide. The new group subsidiaries maintained the Company name Ecuphar.