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First Live Webinar on Canine Leishmaniosis of 2022

The first Live Webinar on Canine Leishmaniasis (CanL) of 2022 will be held by Prof. Andrea Zatelli on February 15th, beginning at 1.30 pm for about one hour including the time for questions and answers. This free access Webinar is organized with the cooperation of Ecuphar. In the webinar Prof. Zatelli will present the recent published information about the immunostimulant and nephro-protective effects of domperidone in the dog affected by leishmaniosis.

During canine leishmaniosis the immunotherapy with domperidone has been demonstrated to be promising and recent investigations evidenced its efficacy not only to decrease the antibody titer and the acute phase proteins, and the kidney function as well. Based on the current evidence domperidone is a drug with an immunostimulant and nephro-protective effects in the dog affected by leishmaniosis.

Starting from the important recent published paper on the domperidone effects in dogs affected by leishmaniosis and chronic kidney disease, in this webinar the author Prof. A. Zatelli will present the most striking evidence of this investigation. Indeed, in addition to the proved evidence of the decrease in anti-leishmania antibody titer, a recovery of serum creatinine, globulins and C-reactive protein has been statistically demonstrated.

To access to this Webinar the enrollment is necessary, and it is possible with this link:

First Live Webinar on Canine Leishmaniosis of 2022


CLWG meeting of Novarello, September 18th, 2022 Canine leishmaniosis: old and new evidence. Let’s talk together

After almost two years of scientific and continuing education del CLWG using remote connections, a scientific meeting of continuing education on site has been organized at Granozzo di Monticello, Novara whose title is “Canine leishmaniosis: old and new evidence. Let’s talk together”. To attend this meeting is necessary the registration. The planning of the meeting is organized with five presentations:

In the last issue of the well-known journal Preventive Veterinary Medicine an article from the members of Canine Leishmaniosis Working Group has been published whose title is “The knowns and unknowns of the efficacy of neem oil (Azadirachta indica) used as a preventative measure against Leishmania sand fly vectors (Phlebotomus genus)”.

In this webinar that will be held April 20th, 2022 starting at 2.00 PM for about one hour, using the web page Cogito Erg Vet, Formazione Veterinaria (Veterinary Education), both Prof. Saverio Paltrinieri and Prof. George Lubas will present data about serology in canine leishmaniosis. Indeed, serology initially with the indirect immunofluorescence test (IFT) and then with the ELISA, has been traditionally used to support the diagnosis of an infected and/or diseased dog of leishmaniosis.

In order to streamline the study above different features of canine leishmaniasis the following three subgroups have been established:

Management and implementation of studies and protocols on canine leishmaniasis: Dr. Michele Maroli (coordinator), Dr. Nunzio D’Anna, Dr. Luigi Gradoni, Dr. Alessandra Fondati, Prof. George Lubas, Prof. Saverio Paltrinieri, Dr. Xavier Roura, Prof. Andrea Zatelli, Dr. Eric Zini

Nephrology and Leishmaniasis: Prof. Andrea Zatelli, Dr. Xavier Roura, Prof. Oscar Cortadellas, Dr. Silvia Benali.

CLWG management and promotion: Prof. George Lubas (coordinator), Dr. Paola Bianchi.